In 1942 Contra Costa County, California, purchased land for an airport in Central County for $88,000. The airport was being developed by the county until the United States Army Air Forces Fourth Air Force expropriated the site. The Army added land and built airport facilities and a training base for pilots, Concord Army Air Base.

In 1946 the War Assets Administration (WAA) returned the airport to the county. In 1947 the transfer was formalized and the airport was named for County Supervisor William J. Buchanan...



Buchanan Field in 1946.  It had been open to civilian pilots only a few months.   Darrell Johnson was the first airport manager.  The popular Pacheco Speedway, in the lower left corner, staged weekend evening auto races.  Solano Way is delineated by the line of houses across the center of the picture, left to right.

Emanuels, Page 34


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Buchanan Field, Concord CA


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