The Lucia Barrett Collection

Lucia Mae Barrett (April 24, 1914 - October 4, 2010) lived in Cowell until the town was destroyed.  She was able to salvage a  number of documents from the cement plant, as well as a collection of glass negatives of the construction of Cement Plant.

Special thanks to her son, Duke, who provided the documents and negatives to me.  Some of the negatives are in pretty good shape, and others are just interesting.
According to her daughter, Liz, Lucia passed away peacefully at the age of 96, with her family at her side.  This collection is in her memory.

The Juan Gonzalez Collection

Juan Gonzalez worked in the Cowell Cement Plant and lived in the Town of Cowell. In 1960, Juan was helping to demolish the Cement Plant, and was told to knock down a particular wall.  Behind the wall he found an old ledger that dates back to 1908. Special thanks to his son, Juan, who scanned some of the pages and provided them to me.

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