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De ANZA, Captain Juan Bautista

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Captain Juan Bautista De Anza

Military leader, Explorer, Governor of the Province of Sonora, Founder of San Francisco, California

During the Spanish conquest of Pimeria Alta, three figures stand out in prominence: Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino, Padre Francisco Garces and Don Juan Bautista de Anza.

Born in Santa Rosa de Corodehuachi, near Fronteras, Sonora--Mexico.

One of the most famous or widely known explorers from Sonora. His father was Juan Bautista de Anza, Sr. (killed in a battle with the Apache Indians) and his mother was Maria Rosa Bezerra Nieto. After 1756, He was named Captain of the Presidio de Tubac in Arizona. In Jan. 1774, he reached the Bay of San Francisco and established the first streets of the town of San Francisco. Later, Juan B. de Anza traveled to and from Sonora and California. After returning to Sonora to live, he became the Captain of the Presidio of El Terrenate and in 1777, he was named Governor of the Province of New Mexico by order of Carlos III, King of Spain.

Juan B. de Anza died at Arizpe, Sonora in 1788. His remains were exhumed in 1963 and re-buried in a mausoleum in the floor of the Roman Catholic Temple- Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion in Arizpe, Sonora---Mexico.

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Capt Juan Bautista De Anza
BIRTH: 6 Jul 1735 - Santa Rosa, Yécora, Sonora, Mexico

DEATH: 19 Dec 1788 - Arizpe, Arizpe, Sonora, Mexico

BURIAL: Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion Arizpe, Sonora,Mexico

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