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Smokestack Pictures
A special thanks to the Mayor of CLAYCORD
for this great shot of the Smokestack
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Pirehouse PicturesThe smokestack is not the only reminder of the town of Cowell. The old firehouse still stands, and is used for storage. It faces Prairie Willow Court, beside the West Pool of the Crossings. I took a few pictures of the firehouse, and have posted them here.

From CLAYCORD: When the old (Cowell) company houses were torn down, the Fire building remained. It was taken over by a Dentist for his practice. The newbys that were moving in were not too happy about the office and they wanted the building for everything except the Dentist. He eventually gave in but subsequently built the round office building on Cowell Rd. Without the current landscaping, the place was an eyesore and was purposely meant to antagonize the residents.

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